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AZ Tank Trouble Game

AZ Tank Trouble Game at Games AZ

You can play AZ Tank Trouble Game at Games AZ which is an action game here. People who like to play Action Tank Games, Multiple Tank Games or Tank Trouble Games can play this game free here. If you have played any part of Tank Trouble game then you know how to play this game. However, if you are playing the first time then you can see controls at the end of this post. You can play this game in 2 player games mode and 3 player games mode but you can’t play this game in Single Player games mode.

Select your number at the start of the game and select your tank. Now, move your tanks in the tracks quickly and try to destroy other tanks to win this game. There are only toy tanks available in this game. So, there is no violence. Only Seven Days Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.


Player 1: Arrow keys to move and M key to shoot.

Player 2: E, S, D, F Keys to move and Q Key to Shoot.

Player 3: Move with the Mouse and Click to shoot.