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Cannon Ball a Castle Wars Game

Cannon Ball a Castle Wars Game at Games AZ

Cannon ball is a Castle Wars Game and now available at Games AZ. This is a simple game based on Physics because in this game kids will learn about how to measure the distance to throw something. If you like to play educational and learning games then you can try this game free here. You can play this game in single player game mode to play it alone and if you want to share this game with a friend you can choose to play in 2 players game mode. You can choose one of playing mode at the start of the game.

Your aim is to adjust the direction of the cannon, set the power and throw the ball on the other castle to win this game. Crazy Cabbie Game is also available here. Play this game in mute mode.

Controls: Use up/down key to move the cannon and keep pressing the spacebar button to adjust the power, release the button to throw the ball.