Chain Letters Game Online

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Chain Letters Game Online

Chain Letters Game Online

Now, you can play Chain Letters Game Online at Games Az. This is an educational game for little kids who like to play learning games or challenging games. This game is, in fact, a challenge and race against the timer clock. You will see different words on the game screen and 3 buttons and an empty box on the right-hand side of the game screen.

This is a simple game and in this game, the player needs to find out the complete words from the alphabets which are available. Click on the words one by one and when the word is complete, you can click on the submit button. If the word is correct you will get some points as a reward and if the word is incorrect then you won’t.

Finally, the last thing is you need to do it as fast as possible for you. There is timer available above the buttons and word box. Do it before the time ends. You can complete the word, vertically or horizontally. Fruity Fruit Match Puzzle Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

Controls: Use your mouse to click on the alphabets and complete the words.