Cool Math Typing Game – Rapid Math Game

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Cool Math Typing Game – Rapid Math Game

Cool Math Typing Game – Rapid Math Game

Here is Cool Math Typing Game which is known as “Rapid Math Game” and now it’s available at Cool Math AZ. This is a simple math game in which there are some math questions available to solve and get points. Not only Math Game but this is also a typing math game because you will solve all these questions with the numeric keypad.

Some kids like to play math games and this game is good for them because they can practice here. On the other hand, many people like playing typing games. Some typing games are also available on this website. But this is a different game in this game you will not practice the whole keypad, you will practice only the part based on numerics. So, this is a Numeric Keypad Typing game. You can play this game, again and again, to increase skill and increase typing speed. Jigsaw Puzzle Game is also available here. Play all the games in mute mode.

You will feel this game little hard in the start but if you practice constantly, soon you will get to know that it was not as tough. By playing this game you can learn numeric typing.

Controls: You can play this Math Typing game with the keyboard.