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Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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Jigsaw Puzzle Game is now available at Games AZ. This is a free brain puzzle for little kids. This is, in fact, a puzzle. You need to complete the puzzle as a game player. People who like to play Puzzle games can try this game free here. Instructions are available in the game about playing it.

How to Play Jigsaw Puzzle

In the start of the puzzle, you will see the buttons at the game screen top to fix the difficulty level. Next, you will see four buttons. 1st button is “Grid On” to on the feature to see the place of different pieces this is for the beginners. Then Grid off button is to turn this feature off. But if you are unable to complete the puzzle, press the “Solve” button to see the solution. After that, you can press the last button “Scramble” to mix the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle again. Monster Truck 3d Game is also available. Play all the games in mute mode.

Jigsaw Puzzle’s Controls

You will play this game with the mouse. Click, hold and drag the piece which you want and relieve the button after fixing the piece.