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Run 3 Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games Run 3

Run 3 Cool Math Games is now available at Games AZ. This is a running game for those who like to play physics games, running games or difficult games. You can play this game into 2 gaming modes which are available at the start of this game. The robot is available at the start of the game to run. The player needs to control its movement and avoid obstacles to go as far as possible. The more distance that robot will run the more score the player will get. The theme of this game is like it’s in the space. Avoid falling down and keep running for this you can turn your robot left or right. You can also jump to avoid falling. If the robot falls down in the space, the game will be restart. If you have played its previous parts, you know how to play this game. Run 1 Game is also available here. Play in mute mode.

Sound of this game is very poor, bad and annoying. So, play this game in mute mode.

Controls: Use Arrow keys to move left/right and Spacebar button to jump.

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