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Snake Game

Snake Game

Snake Game Online is available at Games AZ. Do you like to play games with no violence? Do you like to play educational or learning games? Are you searching for Classic Snake Game? If the answer to all three Questions is yes then you can try this game free. This is a flash game which you can play online at your computer in any browser. When you will start the game, you will see little instructions about playing this game and when you click start, the game will start and you will see the first look of the game. A tinny snake is available on the game screen and some food. You can play Maths Power Game here too, which is a cool math game.

How to Play Classic Snake Game

Playing this game is very simple because the player needs to move the snake only. Move the snake and let him eat the food available on the game screen. When the snake will eat one food, another one will pop up. Now, move to the 2nd one and eat that one too. So, keep catching one by one. When the snake will eat food it will grow in size. As the snake will continue getting into a bigger size, the game will become hard and harder. With the increasing size of the snake game will start getting difficult. Each food item will increase the size of the snake and it will increase the difficulty of game playing because if the snake will touch the walls of the game, the game will be over. Avoid touching any boundary wall of the game. One more thing, after the snake gets bigger, it can touch its tail too. If the snake touches its own body part, the game will be over then too. Walls Logic Game is also available here.

Classic Snake Game Controls

As I have explained Above playing this game is simple but not easy. However, the controls are very easy. You will move the snake up, down, left or right with the arrow keys at your keyboard. But you can do the same with A, S, D, W keys. Have fun and make the highest score record. Play all the games in mute mode.