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Wild Wild Taxi Game at Cool Math Games AZ

Wild Wild Taxi Game at Cool Math Games AZ

If you want to play a Car Game, you can Try Wild Wild Taxi Game at Cool Math Games AZ. This is a Car Racing Game similar to Taxi Gone Wild Game and Crazy Taxi Game and playing controls are also the same. The game is for those who like to play simple games. This is a racing game too in which you need to move the car forward and win the race. If you want to play more car games, Monster Truck 3D Game is also available here. Play all the games in mute mode.

Wild Wild Taxi Racing Game Instructions

When you enter the game, you will see a taxi standing on the road. Now, press the up arrow to move the taxi forward. When you will keep pressing the button it will increase the speed to taxi. There are different coloured cars on the road. Avoid them and keep moving upwards. If the road is full of cars and there is no way you can jump up and pass the cars. However, if you see a way on the left/right lane of the road or in the centre keep moving from the empty way. One more thing, you have limited time to move the car upwards. Try to go maximum at that time. If you touch any other car, the speed will decrease and your time will be wasted, so avoid accidents in this virtual car.

Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows to flip on the right/left lane or move upwards or breaks to reduce the speed. You can also use the Jumping option by pressing the Spacebar button.